welcome back ISU
welcome back ISU

ISU CommUniversity

Welcome Back Orange & Black

Monday, August 24th


Old Town Pavilion

420 N. Main Street


#WBOB  #IdahoState



Celebrate Idaho State

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Pond Student Union

Idaho State University


#CelebrateIS #IdahoState



ISU CommUniversity, or CommUniversity for short, was established in 2009 to strengthen the relationship between "town and gown." Two events are held each year: Welcome Back Orange and Black and Celebrate Idaho State.


Welcome Back Orange and Black is hosted by the community and is held on the first day of classes to welcome students, faculty and staff of Idaho State University to the Greater Pocatello area.


Celebrate Idaho State is hosted by ISU for the community to showcase the University's various clubs, organizations and programs held on campus.

ISU CommUniversity
PO Box 222
Pocatello, ID 83204




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